BitRipple and the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia Collaborate to Implement a 5G Broadcast Solution using Open Air Interface

Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) Embeds BitRipple's RaptorQ Forward Error Correction Technology into a 5G Broadcast solution to deliver maximum signal resilience and stability even in the most challenging network environments

Berkeley, CA (January 27, 2021) BitRipple, focused on large scale data distribution over challenged networks, announced today a collaboration with UPV. BitRipple is providing its RaptorQ Forward Error Correction (FEC) technology to UPV for integration into a 5G Broadcast solution (FeMBMS) using Open Air Interface (an open-source SDR project). The combined solution enables scalable and resilient delivery of data in even the most challenging wireless environments.  FeMBMS together with BitRipple’s industry leading RaptorQ technology enables maximally efficient and resilient data delivery to an unlimited number of end users. This enables broadcasters to deliver seamless HD broadcast streams, large software updates, and other types of data.  

"UPV is taking a very forward-thinking approach to enabling broadcasters to overcome the limitations of traditional broadcasting infrastructure," said Michael Luby, CEO of BitRipple. "RaptorQ is a powerful proven technology that thrives in reliably and efficiently delivering data over downlink-only networks, and will further enhance broadcasters to deliver high quality video, software updates and other types of data to end users and devices."

RaptorQ is the world's most advanced FEC solution for real-time streaming video and content delivery. Compared to traditional FEC, RaptorQ protects against packet loss by efficiently recovering missing data packets with only minimal amounts of additional repair data and without the need to completely resend the data, effectively providing reliability in data networks. RaptorQ's low CPU overhead results in low latency, and its fountain code properties provide the flexibility to dynamically send data over downlink-only broadcast networks. This key functionality provides resiliency and stability in the scalable delivery of data to an unlimited number of end users.

"UPV is developing an enhanced  FeMBMS prototype that improves the experience for 5G Broadcast data delivery using RaptorQ technology. The combined solution maximizes the overall system performance for mobile and portable reception.  We plan to incorporate BitRipples's advanced RaptorQ technologies into our 3GPP Release-16 FeMBMS Open Air Interface prototype." said David Gomez-Barquero, Professor at Universitat Politècnica de València UPV (Spain). Already in use by other organizations in several use cases, the BitRipple family of products provides benefits in reliable data delivery over a unidirectional path. 5G broadcast is just one such example, another example is reliable and secure cross domain data transfers, where use of a back channel is disallowed for security reasons.

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