Liquid Data

At the foundation of BitRipple solutions is a Liquid Data approach to data delivery, based on the RaptorQ erasure code (specified in IETF RFC 6330). The essential idea is that, using RaptorQ, a sender generates and sends liquid packets for each data block to be delivered to a receiver. They are called liquid packets because, like drops of a liquid, they are interchangeable: using RaptorQ, the receiver recovers each block as soon as enough liquid packets arrive at the receiver, independent of which liquid packets arrive.  The Liquid Data approach provides unmatched flexibility and protection against packet loss for BitRipple solutions.
Liquid Data enables unparalleled delivery capabilities in difficult
network environments
Our patented solutions are enabled by an intelligent delivery protocol for the ultimate in data delivery: high speed data delivery at consistent ultra-low latency.  This protocol automatically adjusts on-the-fly the number of liquid packets to send for each block based on continual feedback from the receiver.  The number of liquid packets proactively sent for a block is close to the minimal needed to recover the block when packet loss is low, saving on bandwidth.  More liquid packets are proactively sent for a block when packet loss is higher, ensuring that enough liquid packets arrive at the receiver to recover the block without retransmisson delays.

The following three charts illustrate the benefits of our Liquid Data based solutions compared to the optimal retransmission-based solution.  In this example:
- 100 blocks are delivered over time
- Streaming data rate is 100Mbps
- Packet delay between the sender and receiver is 20ms
- Packet round-trip time is 40ms
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