Enabling Immersive Experiences

BitRipple software solutions (based on Liquid Data ) provide data delivery to enable immersive experiences.  Immersive experiences require delivery of large volumes of data in real-time with ultra-low latency between endpoints.  This is especially challenging when the endpoints are geographically distributed and connected by wireless networks.

BitRipple Tunnel
BitRipple Tunnel accelerates data movement between pairs of endpoints over any network. Tunnel ensures that high-rate data flows are moved with consistently minimal latency between endpoints, even in varying network conditions such as those often encountered in wireless networks.
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BitRipple Mono
BitRipple Mono provides reliable delivery of data packages over a unidirectional connection, i.e., over a network without any back channel from receiver to sender. Mono reliably delivers data packages of any size in the minimal amount of time possible, even when there is significant amounts network packet loss. Thus, mission critical data gets there on time, with no corruption.
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BitRipple Multipath Tunnel
BitRipple Multipath Tunnel accelerates data movement between pairs of endpoints utilizing multiple network paths. Multipath Tunnel enables high-rate data flow delivery between endpoints with greater resilience, higher throughput, and with even more consistently minimal latency than can be achieved using a single network path.
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A Universe of Applications

In addition to solving the significant challenges of data delivery for immersive applications, BitRipple's technology is used today in a variety of applications, including defense, streaming video, automotive, space satellite communications, and more. When data delivery requirements involve massive volumes of data, high-speed, robust security, and ultra-low latency, BitRipple makes it all work.

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