Enabling Interactive Applications

BitRipple software solutions (based on Liquid Data ) provide data delivery to enable interactive applications that require delivery of large volumes of data in real-time with consistent ultra-low latency between endpoints.  This is especially challenging when the endpoints are geographically distributed and connected by wireless networks.
BitRipple Tunnel
BitRipple Tunnel™ accelerates data movement between pairs of endpoints over any network. It ensures that high-rate data flows are moved with consistently minimal latency between endpoints, even in varying network conditions such as those often encountered in wireless networks.

The tunnel is easy to integrate into existing deployments (like installing a VPN). It works with all apps (e.g., Xbox Cloud gaming, GeForce NOW, Teams, Zoom, HLS and DASH live streaming), servers (e.g., Azure, AWS, GCP, private), clients (e.g., Ubuntu, Android) across any network (e.g., WIFI, 5G, Starlink, radio)
BitRipple Tunnel Product Sheet

See BitRipple Tunnel in action

In the first half of the video below, Alex plays an Xbox Cloud game over WiFi  (no BitRipple Tunnel), and it is a  psychedelic experience. This is the experience today of Gamepass subscribers playing cloud games over this WiFi.

In the second half, Alex plays again, this time with BitRipple Tunnel turned on, the same game over the same WiFi to the same Xbox Cloud server. As you can see, there is a night and day difference in experience.
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