BitRipple Announces Mono 1.0 Software Product
For General Availability

BitRippleMono™ is a data distribution software product that provides reliable datadistribution using a unidirectional transmission path

Berkeley, CA (February 23, 2021) BitRipple, focused on large scale data distribution over challenged networks, announced today the general availability of BitRipple Mono 1.0 software product for evaluation and deployment.

Mono 1.0 is a data distribution software product that provides reliable data distribution using unidirectional transmission paths. As examples, Mono can be used to reliably deliver data over a broadcast channel to many receivers, and for cross-domain data transfers, i.e., to reliably move data between different security zones. Mono can also be used to reliably deliver data to passive receivers (that do not transmit), thus enhancing Low Probability of Detection (LPD) for receivers.

Mono 1.0 can transfer multi-gigabyte files at speeds up to more than 5 Gbps speeds. Mono 1.0 provides unparalleled protection against packet loss, allowing a configurable amount of protection to be provided based on packet loss conditions. Unlike other solutions that require retransmissions to ensure reliability, Mono uses the RaptorQ Forward Error Correction code (specified in IETF RFC 6330) to provide reliable data delivery using a unidirectional data flow (no back channel). RaptorQ's low CPU overhead allows high-speed data transfer with low delivery latency, and its fountain code properties provide the flexibility to dynamically adjust the amount of packet loss protection. Mono 1.0 can enable reliable distribution of files over downlink-only broadcast networks, including 5GBroadcast (3GPP FeMBMS) and NextGen TV (ATSC 3.0) networks.  

Mono 1.0 is being used by a defense customer for cross-domain file transfers, providing a reliable unidirectional flow of data transfer between different security zones while maintaining high throughput and preventing external cyber threats. Future enhancements of Mono 1.0 will enable ultra-low latency delivery of high-speed streaming data, e.g., bundled real-time voice and video traffic transfers between enterprise sites over unreliable underlay networks in SD-WAN scenarios.

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